I am a 29 year old with a desire to write. I fly for a major airline based in Hong Kong. I left my old job, sold most of my belongings, married my beautiful wife, spent three months in Australia training and moved to Hong Kong permanently all within the last 7 months. These are just some of the stories of this adventure, as well as a few notes on some other topics I just feel like commenting on. Enjoy!


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  1. From one aviation nut to another this is great writing mate….and it turns out we didn’t fall to far apart from the tree.

  2. Hey man I have been following you since early June while researching for clues and tips for Cathay’s cadet program. I really hope I get a second, third chance…etc (if necessary). Although I may have to disagree with you being a Winnipeg Jets fan (they do have a nice logo), please keep the blog going whenever you have time!

    I also have a question, what program did you studied in university? Is an aviation degree with or without pilot licence is worth it because if you can’t make the cadet program with some airlines, it is very expensive to finish a degree, then pay for flight school and built those flight hours. There are flight ops job in the office, but sometimes I think they can be easily replaceable by other people like pilots!

    • Thanks for following and I hope my blog offered some help or at least some entertainment. I studied Sociology and Criminology in UNiversity. Nothing aviation related (other then a minor in Geography) while I was in University. I am not sure how airlines in general look at university education for their cadet programs, as usually those candidates are younger then an average university graduate. However I can say that if two identical applicants are being considered, generally speaking, the one with more education gets hired. Please feel free to send any more questions my way.


  3. Yes it is very entertaining, thanks!

    Do you happen to know what kind of jobs you can get if one obtains a non flying aviation degree? I would guess there is flight planning or flight operations that kind of stuffs, anything else that I missed?

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