It’s hard to imagine how far a couple of kids who grew up across the street together can go in this world. When I say that, I mean that as individuals. Any one person on this earth has potential to do with their lives, anything they want. Some have more advantages then others to make those dreams reality, this is a fact. The people who aren’t grateful for those advantages and use of them, well that is another story.

My story is about a couple of kids who met in the fall of 1992. The only reason we met was because our dads worked for the same company, knew each other reasonably well, but they lived a block away from each other. As it turns out I had been looking at my future best friends house from my bedroom window for years before I even knew he was there. It started with a football game in my front yard. Since then, we would hang out every chance we could. Mountain biking and swimming in my pool in the summer, snowboarding off garage roofs and soaking in his hot tubs in the winter. We would go on camping trips in the summer, and snowboard trips to the rocky mountains in the winter. We never went to the same school, but somehow no one else ever came close to being the best friends we were to each other.

When we were 15 years old, we started flying lessons and ground school (my older sister had to drive us to the airport, luckily she was learning to fly at the same time). We studied together, talked about where we wanted to fly when we grew up, and imagined working for the same company all the way through our careers. As it turns out, between Chris going away to college while I stayed in Winnipeg, and the both of us working for several companies in our region of “northern aviation” but never the same company, and the fact we never lived in the same city for 10 plus years, we remained best friends.

Today we find our selves coworkers, inhabitants of the same Asian metropolis on the other side of the world from where we grew up in Canada, pilots for the same international airline, flying the same airplane, and still best friends. From a pool in the backyard, to the South China Sea, still together. Glad he has been with me this far, and looking forward to the rest of this trip together.