Bunk Beds are Cool, at any age

Here are just some of the things I heard while at “work” the other day:

“you have to eat all those sandwiches before we takeoff”

“what can i get the girls to bring you to drink?”

“Lamb or chicken for dinner?”

“what do you mean you just ate? then to flight attendant on the interphone yes we will both have the caviar then back to me who says no to caviar?”

“well 30 more minutes and we are done for the day” (with 6 hours flying time left – relief crew ready to take over)

and of course, while I climbed into the top bunk after changing into my pajamas in the 747 cockpit’s own private bathroom, while getting paid “goodnight, set your alarm for 6 hours so we don’t sleep through the landing in Hong Kong”

Life is pretty sweet.