Cathay 090 Cleared for takeoff runway 07R



Snapped one last photo of our 747-8F before we departed Hong Kong for Anchorage. Our gross weight at takeoff was 447,600 kgs (95kgs below MTOW). Or about 77 of my old metro 2’s.


Trouble Back Home



My sister sent me this picture from Sandy Lake Ontario. I flew there almost everyday for over a year. This is just a day old, but rumours today are a problem arose during refuelling. The aircraft burned to the ground. Facilities like fire fighting where I used to fly are not quite up to international airport standards. Not much to do here other then watch. The scary part is, this Hawker Siddley 748 is parked about 50 feet from two fuel tanks totalling about 100,000 litres of Jet Fuel. Scary stuff.